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Things to know when buying a dishwasher

A dishwasher cleaning process always starts with leftover food rinsing, rub with a solution of dishwashing liquid, and rinse from 2-4 times to clean water. Therefore, the dishwasher also accounted for no less time homemaker.

Dishwasher family divided into 3 types: sound design, freestanding cabinets and desk type. With the first two categories, the difference lies in the installation location, the standard size is 60 cm width (Europe) or 24 inches (US), and most dishwashers must be placed in a minimum height 86 cm (Europe) or 34 inches (US), up to 60 dishes to wash the dishes - cups at once or divided into two compartments for sorting items washed.

Dishwasher smaller desktop type, width from 30 - 45 cm (Europe) often have only one compartment, washing dishes and utensils up to 15. This type is less common for small families, single households often choose to wash manually, use a very wasteful of water and energy. Prices are not cheap machines of this type, mainly devoted to travel.

Operating procedures

Unlike manual dishwashing depend on scrub to clean, dishwasher major thrust of water use (hot water 55-75 degrees C). A mixture of water and detergent shoot out with high pressure cleaning the stain stick on the shelf items while rotating basket inside to change position, increase the likelihood of exposure.

After spraying the exhaust cleaning process, a great machine dry using kitchen utensils hot air. Time for about 25-35 minutes wash process, the power consumption of about 1-3Kwh and water consumption of about 20-30 liters.

According to calculations, the dishwasher only when operating savings of over 90% vacancy.

Dishwasher shells are usually made of metal (stainless steel), but may be plastic chassis. Some suggested that the plastic chassis made convenient by less noise, no rust, good insulation and wash in hot water mode and lower its cost.

Due to the varied cooking utensils, a dishwasher with at least 3 modes wash: wash dishes often, cups, utensils normal; Wash utensils much enhanced when dried grease, and use cookware mode for increased cleaning ability appropriate. Some dishwashers include safety features for children such as sound design, prevents children opening during the wash bucket with hot water and harsh detergents used.

Loudness is one of the criteria you should consider when choosing to buy a dishwasher. Most older machines sound level is 65-70 decibels when operated, uncomfortable in small spaces, especially near bedrooms kitchen. The new machines have suspension, using filters instead of grinding food waste, noise level drops below 40 decibels. However, you have to clean the filters regularly

Loudness of the old machines can make you uncomfortable

Some other drawbacks of the dishwasher: wash cocoons instruments (most of the kitchen appliances from Europe are listed, you can use the dishwasher or not), always use hot water to clean utensils diet during the washing process, which affects the life of the character and life of the machine, especially electrical energy to heat the water. And end users, must have a dedicated washing powder.

Cost of a dishwasher was high, ranging from 14 - 30 million / unit (with desktops is from 8 -12 million) of washing powder is not cheap: 200000-280000 / kg. Therefore, you should consider when buying because the object of the survey items are high-income families, busy, with 4 members, or demanding as detergent, sterilized utensils .

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